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Yogamassage - Wednesday afternoons with Vera Åström

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: 1 100 SEK

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The base of the treatment is massage and assisted stretching that releases tensions and energy blockages in the body. The whole body is worked through and the treatment is done on a matress on the ground. Yogamassage originates from the classical Ayurvedic treatments with natural oils to aid the circulation but with less oil than usual Ayurvedic treatments. The stretching and breathing techniques originate from Yoga.

Yogamassage is suitable for all, the treatment can be deeper or softer depending on your requirements and what suits your body.

General benefits from Yogamassage

• releases tensions and stiffness
• balances the body and improves flexibility
• improves blood circulation, lymph circulation and the nervous system.
• strengthens immunity from within
• replenishes and heals the body by:
• improving the reach of oxygen and nutrients in the whole body
• stimulates the cleansing of toxins and waste/Ama
• supports emotional and mental balance
• improves the body's vitality, health and energy levels