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Vedanam & Ayurvedabutiken was started by the Sapra family.

We have spent closer to three decades in Sweden but some traditions have been kept in the house. We have continuously used home remedies and this old knowledge without even calling it Ayurveda, inherited from Yash's mother who was a local Vaidya (Ayurvedic Doctor) in Mathura, India. But we took the step and formalised our knowledge in 2009, Yash and Arun travelled to India and studied Ayurveda from the start in Kerala, the hub of Ayurveda. We know that this knowledge has helped our family retain our health and feel that Ayurveda can help others to strengthen their bodies from within, that is why we promote Ayurveda as a Life Science and not only as a relaxing therapy.

Ayurveda is a holistic solution that first and foremost works with prevention. Focus lies on your diet, intestine function, excercise and other functions of the body as well as your lifestyle to achieve a mix that puts your body in balance. In Ayurvedic terms, that balances your doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A body that lives in balance feels good and its self-healing capacity is unrivaled.
The imbalances are treated with both treatments and herbs but also with lifestyle and diet changes. Ayurvedic treatments and herbs stimulate the body's natural functions and ensures that the body is getting the nutrients we might miss in our ever changing diets.

At Vedanam we also believe in using only natural products that firstly have no chemicals to harm the body and secondly are produced in a way that doesn't harm nature. Therefore, all our base oils for the treatments are 100% certified organic.

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