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Ayurveda Konsultation hos Vedanam, Stockholm

Ayurveda Consultation

During a consultation we use Ayurveda's three basic forms of observation; darshanam, sparshanam och prashnam to derive the body's prakriti (constitution) and its vikriti (imbalance). Thereafter, we discuss your health, lifestyle and havits to decide on a plan for improving your health. A consultation can be shaped depending on your requirements, here are some of the most common topics:

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Shirodhara hos Vedanam Ayurveda Stockholm Sverige

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments focus on stimulating and strengthening the body's natural functions and healing effects. By stimulating marmapoints, the lymphatic system, the blood flow and organs we can activate them. The oils we use penetrate the body and moisturize it from within. Read more about each treatment below:

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Skönhetsbehandlingar hos Vedanam Ayurveda Södermalm

Special Treatments


These treatments begin with a footsoak and footmassage, thereafter a deep full body massage begins with argan or sandalwood oil diluted in jojoba oil (all organic). We finish off with a headmassage and aroma treatment of the scalp and hair.
These treatments are deeply relaxing and rejuvinating, like a reset button for the body.

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Skönhetsbehandlingar hos Vedanam Ayurveda Södermalm

Beauty Treatments

In our beauty treatments we focus on working with natural products. The facials are personalised according to your skin or problems.

Read more about the treatments below and get in touch if you have any questions.

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