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Ayurveda Consultation

Duration: 75 min | Price: 1100kr

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During a consultation we will go through your current health and also determine your body's constitution (prakriti) but also its imbalance (vikriti) with three methods of observation in Ayurveda; darshanam, prashnam and sparshanam. Thereafter, we will discuss your routines and lifestyle in order to bring your diet, physical activity and routine into an order that will balance your body. Ayurveda's first principle is to aid the body in self healing, that is exactly what Ayurvedic herbs and practices are designed to achieve. A healthy routine and nourishing food/herbs improve the body's own potential to function well and thereby heal itself.

The consultation is given by Yash Pal Sapra who started and runs Vedanam, read more about him here.
We also have a monthly visiting certified Ayurvedic Doctor Dr Somit for consultations, read more about him and his consultations here.

The consultation can also be formulated to adress the issues you have specifically. Here are some of the common issues we encounter:

  • Energy - Excessive or A lack thereof
  • Detox/Weightmanagement
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain