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Our Facials

Ubatan - Cleansing and skin improvement
Duration: 60 min | Price: 600kr

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Do you easily get oily skin? This treatment works with balancing the face's natural oil production. The products we use depend on your skin type and aid the skin in retaining its natural moisture. Combined with a deep cleanse this is one of our primary facials.

Mukhalepam - Beauty treatment for the skin
Duration: 45 min | Price: 500kr

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This treatment works with natural materials that have specific benefits for this skin. By providing it with essential vitamins and nutrients the skin gets a healthy glow. Ayurveda is the basis of this treatment and all the others we have on the page.

Multani Mask & Facescrub
Duration: 45 min | Price: 500kr

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In this treatment we use a mixture of herbs and multani mitti (fuller's earth) dissolved in oil, rosewater or milk depending on your skin. Multani mitti is a very fine grained mud we bring from India that is rich in minerals. The mask dries like a thin layer of ceramic that is later scrubbed away gently with wet fingers to cleanse the pores and leave you with very smooth and even skin.

Dahiwala - Yoghurtmask
Duration: 30 min | Price: 300kr

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Our basic treatment that includes a herb mixed facemask of cooling yoghurt and a deep oil massage for the face. We always choose which oil to use depending on your specific skin type and after the oil massage we pack your face in yoghurt that absorbs the excess oil and also is nutritional for the skin. It is a very good treatment to take repeatedly in cases of oil imbalance in the skin, which is a common problem in dry nordic weather.